What is Soul Recognition and why is it important to your life's path? 

Sometimes people suffer from various mental and physical illnesses such as things like depression and anxiety, due to a situation from the past they are subconsciously reliving or internal fears they may have regarding the future and the present.  This can then cause you to have a subconscious internal war, which is where 90% of your daily thoughts originate from. 

This is where Soul Recognition can essentially change your life and the world around you.  By taking the journey into conscious awareness, you are essentially diving into the depths of your soul to figure out the way your conscious mind, which is often called ego, actually works.   

As a Soul Life Coach, I can help you with this process by guiding you through the various blockages and limitations you have placed upon yourself.  By becoming aware of the way your emotions and thought patterns impact your life, you are able to start to learn how your mind truly functions.  Once you are aware of the many ins and outs of your mind, and the various triggers you have attached to these emotions, you will be able to make a conscious change in the way you approach situations and life in general. 

Your true power comes from knowing exactly who you are.  Once you are able to identify in you, what it is that is mentally holding you back in life, you area able to use this new information to make decisions based on your true desires, instead of what your conscious mind fears. 

Let me take this journey called life with you and help you transform so that you may live your best life yet!!  

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